Family Camp in Austria

It has been good to be here and finally meet so many of the wonderful people that Prepare International works with on an ongoing basis.  Our family has enjoyed spending great time with people such as Robin & Kathleen from Belgium, Willie & Esther from Belgium, and Carlo from Croatia.  Each of the families here represent key pastors and leaders in their respective countries that God is using to truly be a voice and a tool for the Kingdom of God.  It has been hard for me to comprehend the fact that so many of these pastors lead either the only one or one of just a couple of Christian churches in their entire region!  I am both saddened and challenged to know that in my town there are 400+ churches and yet our city is still FULL of the lost and broken.  Some of the stories I’ve heard this week tell of European cities the same size as Lubbock, yet many may only have ONE church… and that one may have 40-50 people attending.  Seriously?!?!  Now that I’m meeting these great people first-hand, it is evident that the need to provide training, mentorship, and encouragement is greater than I ever imagined.  We have been given so much and can provide so much for others if we’re just willing to say YES! 

It is for that very reason that I’m more excited than ever to be a part of the training team at Prepare International.  I eagerly look forward to not only continuing to spend the next few days with these great brothers and sisters in Christ, but also to the opportunities this fall to travel and teach in the training schools in Holland, Belgium, Macedonia, and Poland.  I am honored to serve the cause of Christ in this way! 

To all who are a part of our support team, I cannot say thank you enough!  Your partnership means even more now than I can express.  Thank you!!  You are making it possible for the nations such as Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia (among others) to be won for Christ and discipled into true sons and daughters of the Kingdom! 

Please take a few minutes and read the blog that we have been updating here each morning.  See the faces and know that families are being encouraged, marriages are being strengthened, and the presence of the Lord is working supernaturally!

Keep praying!  God is mightily at work!





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