Here We Go!

In less than 24 hours, the Brew Crew (along with 43 other Americans) will be departing for our first official trip with Prepare International as we journey to the Pitztal Valley in Austria for a week of ministry alongside Jack Taylor and his wife, Friede.  We will be serving and loving on 21 European families totaling approximately 80 people.  These people are some of the top Christian leaders throughout all of Europe!  We have families coming from countries such as Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia, among others.  What an amazing time together!

During our time there, a few of us will be posting daily updates on our Prepare International Family Camp blog,  I’ll try to link that to this blog each day as well.   There is already a more detailed breakdown of the travel itineraries posted there.  Go check it out!

We are blessed to be a part of P.I., and are excited for this particular trip to be our first one!  God is good!




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